Orient Occident Festival

20.05.2018 – 22.05.2018

Critical Art Foundation
With support of:
Polish Ministry of Culture and Heritage,
Foundation PKO Polish Bank,
V.Sarajishvili Tbilisi State Conservatoire


National Parlament
Sunday, May 20, 5 pm



Polish singer and instrumentalist, ethnomusicologist, poet, songwriter, composer of theater and film music, scriptwriter of documentary films. The leader of a music company performing his own songs. He is a depositary and popularizer of Polish songs transmitted for generations only in the oral tradition, and performed on scales earlier than the widely used major-minor scale.

Polish violinist, leader of „Kapela Brody”, a subjective researcher of tradition. The repertoire of the band consists of secular and religious works from the area of the First Republic of Poland from the collections of Oskar Kolberg, the Institute of Art of the Polish Academy of Sciences, the Chair of Sacred Ethnomusicology of the Catholic University of Lublin and Witek Brody’s own. In its performances, the band retains original performance manners and – in the case of religious music – its specific context. They use original or reconstructed instruments: hurdy gurdy, cymbals, basses and violins.

Marek Chołoniewski is a composer, sound artist and a performing musician of contemporary classical and experimental music. Chołoniewski studied music theory and composition with Bogusław Schaeffer, electronic music with Józef Patkowski as well as the organ with Leszek Werner at the Academy of Music in Cracow. He is now a lecturer at the Department of Composition of his alma mater. In 2011, he received a title of associate professor of musical arts. In 1977, Chołoniewski founded the 'Music Centre’ Art Society which organised over 700 concerts. Since 1979, he has been a member of the 'Cracow Group’. Marek Chołoniewski writes instrumental and electroacoustic music as well as music for radio, television and film. He is the author of sound and video installations, audiovisual, outdoor and network projects. Since 1984, he has given concerts, workshops and lectures in Europe, Americas, and in Asia. In 2006, Marek Chołoniewski received the Honorary Award of the Association of Polish Composers, the Ministry of Culture and National Heritage Award, and the Independent Project Grant from the CECArtsLink Foundation, based in New York. From 2008, he served as secretary, and since 2011 as president, of the International Confederation of Electro acoustic Music (CIME / ICEM).

Composer, improviser, performer and sound director. For many years he collaborated with the Polish Radio Experimental Studio, then founded the Studio of Impossible Sounds. He recorded electronic, theatre, film and ballet music. In the 1970s he participated in Andrzej Bieżan’s projects, such as Cytula Tyfun da Bamba Orchiester. Then he drove through Europe as a part of Tomansz Stańko’s project combining jazz and electronics, which back then took the continent by storm and was repeated several times (in 2004 and 2016).He performed at festivals in Montreaux, Berlin, La Mans, Madrid, Athens, Zurich, Gdynia (Summer Jazz Days), Wrocław (Jazz on the Odra) and Warsaw (Jazz Jamboree, Warsaw Autumn, Ad Libitum). He is also active in the field of gallery and illustrative music in 2006 he composed the soundtrack for the ballet ” Pajzaż nocą” with the choreography conceived by Barbara Kędzierska (it was performed in Teatr Wielki – National Opera over 43 times) and for the play „Drewniany Człowiek” directed by Stasys Eidrigevicius (The Studio Theater), as well as electronics for the Double Opera HEARTPIECE performed in The Kitchen, New York.
KRZESIMIR DĘBSKI Polish composer, jazz violinist, conductor, arranger and music producer. He studied in the composition class of Andrzej Koszewski and conducting under the direction of Witold Krzemieński at the State Higher School of Music in Poznań. From 1980, as the leader of the String Connection jazz band, he gave concerts in Europe, the United States and Canada. He participated in many festivals, including in Reno, Paris, Berlin, Nuremberg, Helsinki, The Hague, Montreal and Baden-Baden. He is the laureate of the 1st prize at the World Jazz Competition in Hoeilaart (1983), the Stanisław Wyspiański (1985), awards of the readers of the „Jazz Forum” magazine for Music, Composer and Violinist of the Year (1983-86). In 1985 he found himself in a survey of the American magazine „Down Beat” among the ten best jazz violinists in the world. In 1986 he received the first prize of the Composers’ Competition on the occasion of the 25th anniversary of the Polish Contemporary Music Festival Poznań „Poznańska Wiosna Muzyczna”. In 1998, he was nominated for an Emmy Award in the United States for the music for film “Change machine”. In 2000, he received the Fryderyk Award in the „Composer of the Year” category and the Philip Philippe International Film Award for the music for the film Fire and Sword. In 2001 at the International Film Festival in Pyrgos, Greece, his music was awarded to the film In Desert and Wilderness. In 2005, he received an order from the Hollywood label LimeLight Films to compose music for 16 Charlie Chaplin films from 1914-17. In 2010, he was awarded the Ecce Homo Order – a Polish church award given by the Chapter of the Ecce Homo Order for describing life with music, musical retouching in the image of the country and the world, beautiful shaping of everyday reality through goodness, order and harmony. October 14, 2015, he received the Silver Medal „Merited to Culture Gloria Artis”. In 2017 he received the „Pro Patria medal” for „especially merits for the independence tradition”. Debski is a Professor of composition in Bacewicz Music Academy in Lodz. He also lectured at the summer music courses, among others, in Ankara, Darmstadt and San Diego.
MARCIN OLEŚ Double bass player and composer, attended music school where he studied piano, accordion and double bass, graduating from the music department at the Higher Pedagogical School in Częstochowa. While studying, he also played with his school band and local jazz groups. In 1998 he became the leader of the Music School Orchestra in Sosnowiec. He founded the Custom Quartet along with his brother, Bartłomiej, a group which later became the Custom Trio. In 1999 the Custom Trio recorded its debut album, Mr. Nobody. In 1999 Oleś won recognition as the best double bass player at the international „Jazz nad Odrą” competition in Wrocław. In the same year he won an individual award at the international Jazz Juniors competition in Cracow, where the Custom Trio was awarded the prize for second place in the band category. He collaborates (creating primarily with his twin brother – Bartłomiej Brat Oleś) with musicians from around the world and with leading Polish jazz, including: David Murray, Theo Jorgensmann, Ken Vandermark, Erik Friedlander, Kenny Werner, Chris Speed, Simon Nabatov, Jean- Luc Cappozzo, Anthony Coleman, Rudi Mahall, Michael Rabinowitz, David Rempis, Mircea Tiberian, Emmanuelle Somer, Andrzej Przybielski, Adam Pieronczyk, Mikolaj Trzaska, Wolfgang Reisinger, Herb Robertson, and Jorgos Skolias. He belongs to the most creative artists on the Polish jazz scene, which was noticed and highly rated by both the audience and independent critics.
Winner of numerous awards and distinctions, which can boast of a very rich discography. Many of the albums made with the participation of Marcin were considered the best jazz albums in a given year.


Polish cellist, composer and performer. Graduate of the Academy of Music in Cracow /Poland (Rector H.M.Proffesor Krzysztof Penderecki) cello class Prof. Leon Solecki and studied composition (private lessons) under the direction of Professor Boguslaw Schaeffer, also studied avant-garde art theory and theology (Papal Institute in Warsaw). After 2006 focused on the advancement of his own artistic activities and performing musical scores, also on the research and scientific projects related to the holistic concept of man and the environment surrounding sound and works on the theory of music data storage capabilities enabling intuitive realization of musical projects at different times and can be repeated in a number of areas including the emotional variable. Composes autonomous music for a variety of instrumental and vocal ensembles and scores for film, theater and radio.
Co-founder of Polish audiovisual art shows and music performances „DALLA POLONIA” during the festival „Isola del Cinema” in Rome/Italy – from 2011.Art Director „Orient Occident festival”.
Participation as a cellist in numerous festivals of classical and contemporary music (in Europe, Poland). Participated in premieres of music works for cello solo and chamber ensembles of contemporary Polish and foreign composers. Projects related to music creative (graphic scores realizations), intuitive music – cooperation with outstanding musicians of different specialties and countries. Cooperation with ethnic musicians from different regions of the world (Poland, Jamaica, Egypt) – implementing the ideas of multicultural dialogue.
Author of the concept and develops research a theoretical and practical concepts enabling to re-record performance based music creation in „live” intuitive process. Clarification of the concept of „harmonic clouds” and ” motivic areas”, so that they are clear and easy to work on musical performances by musicians of varying musical education and technical advancement.

SPECIAL GUEST from Georgia:

Tamar Putkaradze was born in Tbilisi Georgia (1989). She graduated composition faculty at Vano Sarajishvili Tbilisi State Conservatory, BA (2010), Master of Arts (2013). Currently she is studying on doctoral program – „composition” at the Tbilisi State Conservatoire, As a PhD student She also studied at Tallinn Theatre and Music Academy (Tallinn, Estonia, 2016) and at Krakow Music Academy (Krakow, Poland, 2017). Her compositions include vocal-instrumental, symphonic, choral, chamber-instrumental and piano genres. Currently She has finished her opera “Fishe’s Latters”.

RESO KIKNADZE- tenor sax, computer

Born and grown up in Tbilisi, Georgia. Studied classical philology at the Tbilisi State University, played saxophone in the Georgian Television Big Band and the Tbilisi Conservatory Quintet, at various festivals in Tbilisi,Tallin, Vilnius etc.After University Diploma , from 1981 composition studies under Michael Shugliashvili (1941-1996).From 1981 at the Tbilisi Conservatory, additionally studied georgian traditional music.1988 – 91 was a member of the Antchiskhati Cathedral Choir in Tbilisi.1991 moved to Germany and studied composition under Prof. Dr. Friedhelm Döhl at the Musikhochschule Lübeck, also Electroacoustic Music under Prof. Dirk Reith, was an assistant at the Electronic Studio there. 1992 – 94 member of the improvisation ensensemble „Nuova Sonanza”, collaboration with Butoh dance company „tatoeba – theatre dance grotesque” (Berlin).



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